Rating Scale

My rating scale is a simple 'out of 5' concept. This is to clearly acknowledge that I do not contain the capacity to distinguish a 91 from a 92 (kudos to the few who can), and to keep things simple. I have put a scale next to the ratings, so you have an idea of where I see my scale overlap with the more widely used 100 pt. scale, on which I promise to not write multiple blog entries criticizing or extolling.  My scale is essentially:

0 - Offensively bad (not rateable on the 100 pt. scale)
1 - Not drinkable, but does seem to be wine (70-75 pts.)
2 - Has elements that are passable, but overall did not come together and I can not recommend it (76-81 pts.)
2.5 - Not a dumper, but not recommended. (82-85 pts.)
3 - Enjoyable. Not a show stopper but a wine that I would drink and depending on price point even recommend.  At a 3, the wine is leaning towards above average (86-88 pts.)
3.5 - Now we are getting somewhere, this wine falls into the category of excellent.  If this wine has a price tag that coincides with its attractive nose and palette then I will recommend it. (89-91 pts.)
4 - Remarkable. This is a wine to buy again and serve to friends and family. (92-94 pts.)
4.5 - Extraordinary, complex, take your breath away.  These are rare and elusive.  (95-97 pts.)
5 - Life changing. The wines you are lucky to come across once a year. (98-100 pts.)