Scott Wadlow

I started this blog to learn about wine, and have a creative outlet.  I needed that outlet, and possibly I needed the wine (which should give you all the insight you care to know about my day job).  In the process I've become completely enthralled with the world of wine, the world of social media, and in particular this interaction.  I love to learn about wine, share my experiences, interact with folks through the blog and on Twitter, and never know where it is going to lead me.

What you can expect from The Vino File is an honest and down to earth approach to an average consumers experience with wine.  I hope to share what I learn, state what I think, and make wine a fun and approachable subject.  For what it's worth it is really just fermented grape juice.

If you are new to wine then please read, enjoy, and relax about the whole thing.  It is meant to be social, and the only thing that matters is what you like and think is worth your time and money.  If you are an aspiring enthusiast, or a certified snob please jump in, educate me, challenge the thoughts, share your experiences.  This is meant to be interactive.

As for my wine approach I like to explore, find value, and essentially find good tasting wine that enhances life experiences.  I love to talk wine, but often find the seriousness with which many approach it to be amusing.  My palate is fluid and not entirely partial to one wine style.  But I do look for balance, I do crave appropriate acidity, and am generally put off by overripe flavors.  Other than that I'm open; red, white, pink, sparkling, fortified, I'm down.  I hope you enjoy the content and nature of the blog but either way let me know!!  I'd like to hear your thoughts, comments, criticisms, advice, or ideas at thevinofile@gmail.com.