Friday, January 28, 2011

Check Out Godello, Bro

The story: I hope the readers of The Vino File make excuses for the blog titles. I considered naming the article Go Godello or Go Home, and somehow that incited images of me in a lifted truck wearing Ed Hardy t-shirts and talking motocross. How that led to insist that you, my best bros, check out godello I can't really say. Godello is a lesser known white grape grown in Spain, primarily in the Valledoras DO. On the rise, but still relatively unknown, godello is not commonly seen for purchase in the U.S. or on a lot of menus. However both imports and traditional wine press coverage for godello is growing, and likes it Spanish couterpart albarino, it stands poised to be a big success for Spain.

The wine: The Casal Novo godello is grown in Valdeorras and comes in at a very manageable 12.5% abv. It is a beautiful golden straw yellow color with an expressive nose of apple and honeydew melon. There is a nice chalkiness and high-tones of citrus reminiscent of ruby red grapefruit. The wine drinks of soft sweet honeydew up front with nice waves of honey and lime across the mid-palette finishing crisp and minerally with tones again reminiscent of melon.

The verdict: This is really a stunning and delicious wine. Rather fruit forward yet perfectly in check, the ripe flavors of this wine are sure to delight. There is fruit, minerality, and acid offering something for everyone. The wine retails for $20 but was unique enough, and brought enough pleasure and interest to be a unique wine well worth the money. I highly recommend this to white wine drinkers who are looking for something different and interesting.


  1. I imagine the title "Godello of Blood," with Dennis Miller sipping the wine while fighting vampire whores. But I won't advocate for this vision, as Miller's politics are deplorable. Just awful.

  2. hmmm this sounds intriguing and I don't typically like wine!!! what should we match it with for food?