Thursday, January 20, 2011

Changes I Will Not Be Making

Next week The Vino File - A Wine Blog will turn 1 year old. This is something like 8 years old in blog years, if you really think about it. What started as a little personal experiment has blossomed into a rather self-indulgent and still pretty little personal experiment - just with lots and lots of words and hours invested into it. I have really enjoyed bringing The Vino File to the big cloud of online conversation and intend to continue doing so for some time.

I do however intend to take the one year mark as an opportunity to refine and change....a bit. I have considered several things that I might do different in another year of The Vino File, and will reveal those changes in a post that actually coincides with the anniversary. But for today, just to build the anticipation, I will reveal the ideas for I change that I have decided to skip. Without further ado, here are the ideas that you will NOT be seeing in the coming year. Maybe next year:

- Switch all wine notes and reviews to be posted only on wines that taste like shit. Include lots of realistic but squirm inducing descriptors and a litany of new wine vocabulary to absolutely bash the plonk a consumer should avoid. While I do think this would be a fun blog idea, I realized it would mean that I have to spend considerable energy seeking out the dogs and I just couldn't muster the enthusiasm. If I come across one in my day to day drinking I will continue to bring it to these pages.

- Start making not so subtle references to other, younger, or lessor wine blogs in the implication that while wine blogging in general is filled with people who don't know what they are doing, you can clearly see how mine is important. I wanted to do this, I wanted to talk about how reviews are boring, people without certificates shouldn't be writing on the internet, and all of that. But then I saw blogs that did this and realized that this discussion is boring. This discussion is contrary to the entire nature of citizen blogging. So you won't see it here (although I reserve the right to make fun of wine bloggers in general)

- Post daily. I don't want to get divorced, hence a bad idea.

- Start adding cheese reviews. The quantities of wine that are in my house based essentially on my preoccupation with keeping this blog going is rather astounding. If I had refrigerators filled with cheese I'm sure I would be increasing my waist significantly, which would lead to a need for more comfortable shoes, which would lead to a need for pleated pants, you get the picture. No cheese.

- Quietly fade away. I know this blog is not of major consequence, and yet the interactions I have had through it have been fun and enriching. So if you are one of these people who pops over occassionally or glances at my posts through your reader of choice, thank you. I hope it brings you a smile or turns you on to a wine you would like to try from time to time. The Vino File is officially on, for another year.


  1. Congratulations on one year of writing, here's to many more years of blogging about good wine. It's been a pleasure reading your blog Scott :-)

  2. Thanks Beau. It is people like you that have made this a really fun experiment. Cheers.

  3. Daily posting is rough. I go in spurts, and it really wrenches the shit out of me. Sometimes when I'm clever I write a long post, then dissect it into multi-part posts that last up to a week, but folks usually catch on and probably suspect me of playing games.

    I've been blogging since late 2004, and it's been a wild ride. I'm glad you're still at it.

    One time I really did taste some wine that smelled like shit. I was at the vineyard, and didn't want to offend them. It was bizarre. I almost laughed out loud. But I don't have a blog for discussing that, that in particular...

  4. Thanks Sarah and Pete. And Pete, like actual shit? Or like a fine and prized mix of hay, shit, and horse sweat?

    Because to some snobs there is a slight difference. And you're supposed to applaud the later.

  5. Actually, and I don't mean to sound vulgar, but like a dry, dirty anus. It was an offensive, surprising experience. But you might be right - perhaps it was something a more refined nose would have applauded. I felt violated, and simultaneously giggly, like a middle school boy who just farted on his sleeping friend's face.

  6. No comment. Well maybe one. I don't remember 7th grade at all. That is either a defense or an excuse, take it as you will.