Friday, June 25, 2010

The WBC or Bust Bus - Day 2 Quincy, Yakima, and Walla Walla

Another brilliant day put together by Marcus Pape of and a whole host of amazing Washington wine and tourism industry folks. The contributions that wineries and hotels made in order for this two-day whirlwind tour of Washington wine to come together are almost overwhelming. You will hear more about some of the juice and personalities along the way over the next several weeks, but for today I just want to share a few pictures of what is going on:

A room with a view, thanks to the Renaissance Hotel in Seattle for the beautiful stay

Just pulling into Eastern Washington, Cave B Winery offered us a beautiful setting for our first tasting of the day. Highlights include Boudreax Cellars and Col Solare.

They knew we were coming at Prosser Village in the Yakima Valley, and welcomed us with a great walk around tasting. Highlights for me included Gilbert Cellars and Barnard Griffin

Finally arrived in Walla Walla. These vineyards are from Walla Walla Vintners who provided us some an amazing pizza dinner (think proscutio and fried egg in a wood burning oven, and you'll just be getting warmed up)

This two-day bus tour has been an amazing experience, with some great people and some wonderful food and wine. A HUGE amount of thanks go out to all involved. You may very well have outshown the conference itself, but I guess we will see over the next three days. More to come...


  1. Great to finally meet you yesterday, Scott. What was your favorite Gilbert Cellars? I don't know if they'll be in W2, they're tasting room is in Yakima and let me know what you liked and I'll get some to you. I dunno if they ship or sell to California. Cheers, Chris and Barb

  2. Oh another thing, Barnard Griffin will be at W2 and another of my winners, @wino4ever, Scott A, is manning their booth. Talk him out of whatever you like best there. (we like their Malbec and Syrah Port best)

    Also, I owe him a bottle of Fielding Hills Cab. Make sure you try some if he opens it in W2.

  3. Scott,
    Thanks for the update. My desk feels less lame now!

    Keep the pictures coming


  4. It doesn't sound like you are having any fun at all...I kid, I kid.

    Have a great time. Look forward to hearing about the latest and greatest from the NW when you get back.