Thursday, June 24, 2010

The WBC or Bust Bus - Day 1 Woodinville and Seattle

Wow, after an absolute whirlwind Day 1 on the WBC or Bust bus tour of Washington wine I am up bright and early. I'm not sure if it is out of excitement, if I just got enough rest, or if I am awakened by the caffeine headache that kicked in yesterday afternoon (in my mad rush to Seattle I had NO coffee yesterday which is unheard of for me).

But for you that means I can give you a quick peek into what this insanely entertaining trip looks like so far. Here are some pictures from Wednesday's shenanigans, and remember that we haven't headed over the mountains or hooked up with the 288 other bloggers yet!

Breakfast (well for me it was) Amazing Asian tastes with a flight of riesling

Grand tasting of Woodinville (NW Totem Cellars up front, Betz Family Winery behind)

Partial lineup for the Winemakers Dinner (riesling, chardonnay, rose not shown)
Yeah, maybe overwhelming, maybe a marathon, and certainly indulgent I would say that Washington Wine is showing us a great time. There will be many future posts on some specifics about what we are seeing, tasting, and learning. I hope these few shots whet your appetite.


  1. Thanks for the pictures Scott, keep'em coming. This makes my days, sitting at my desk, watching you guys, somewhat less painful...

    Yeah, who am I kidding?


  2. Sorry man, but when it is in Paso next year you have to come. No question, turning out to be the wine event of the year.

  3. I am glad that you enjoyed Day 1 of the WBC or Bust tour. Marcus did a great job of lining up sponsors to welcome you to Seattle.
    Leslie of William Church Winery is to the far right at the grand tasting in Woodinville. Unfortunately my worst side is predominant in that picture! Did you sample any outstanding wines that day?

  4. Yes, Marcus did do a great job. It was great to meet you and Ed, and sorry about the picture (it's hard to wrangle people at tastings like this) I loved both of Betz's wines and most of the De Lille stuff, in addition to many of the wines I tasted that morning. At dinner I was blown away by Andrew Will. Any standouts for you?